The Victims

As of this writing there are have been four deaths officially linked to the same perpetrator.

The first three women, murdered in 2005 and 2006, have been linked with prostitution in the Daytona Beach area. Police believe the victims voluntarily left with the unidentified suspect and were murdered. There bodies were found in the same area of Daytona Beach. The killer did not attempt to conceal the bodies.

Stacey Charlene Gage was found dead in January of 2008. Authorities believe she was killed December 11, 2007. Police have further stated that the circumstances surrounding the case are eerily similar to the three previous unsolved homicides. Unlike the first three victims, Gage had no record of prostituion. However, she did have a history of drug problems involving cocaine.

Laquetta Gunther

Julie Green

Iwana Patton

Stacey Gage

Unofficial Victims

There is not enough evidence to link these victims to the serial killer.

Lisa Marie French

Kristin Dunn

Karen Boehm

Possibly Related Incidents

There is not enough evidence to link these victims and/or incidents to the serial killer.

Attempted Abductions

Missing Persons

Mamie Jameka Thomas

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