Law Enforcement?

Law Enforcement

The Daytona Beach News Journal ran a story on March 22, 2006, in reference to the (at that time) three unsolved murders.


Talk around the city that a former cop is the serial killer behind the unsolved murders of three women is not farfetched, a Daytona Beach police captain said Tuesday. "All theories are open right now, including that it could be a former cop," said Capt. Brian Skipper, who oversees the detectives involved in the investigation. "It could be anybody, from any department, from any city.

Troy Ray, director of the Daytona Beach branch of Halifax Urban Ministries, said "I´ve heard from both prostitutes and our volunteers that they think the killer could be a former police officer. I think that´s believable. Just from a logical standpoint, it could be true because they´re (police officers) the ones who could most easily gain a prostitute´s trust."

Prostitute Jo Lynn Alderman said that a few retired cops often frequent Rideway Avenue, where Alderman and other prostitutes solicit customers: "They´re looking for a good time."

On April 22, 2006, local police confirmed that police officers were questioned in the slayings.

Many of the area law enforcement agencies issue a .40 caliber weapon to their officers, including the Volusia County Sheriff's Department.

A Taxi Driver?

Could the killer be a taxi-cab driver?

Drug Dealer?


Julie Green's boyfriend, Frank Gilbert, and LaQuetta Gunther's best friend Stacey Dittmer believed the killings were performed by a drug dealer or a person that Green and Gunther may have stolen from. However, Gilbert did not understand how Patton was related as a murder victim because her personality was different and she didn't steal. Gilbert said Green knew Patton and the two visited hm together on occasions. Julie Green was friends with LaQuetta Gunther.

Rick Marcott, a boyfriend of Green's, said that Green had stayed at least two weeks in a house in Bunnell where Gunther and another homicide victim, Laura Lee Welsh, had stayed. "The guy they were staying with had been in jail," Marcott said.

Laura Lee Welsh was shot to death in a drug deal. Ollie Edward Parker of Daytona Beach was charged with second-degree murder in connection with her death. Charles Hollowell, who was attempting to buy cocaine when Welsh was shot, had been charged with third-degree murder in the same case. However, Hollowell pled guilty to a reduced charge of attempted purchase of cocaine and agreed to testify against Parker.

William Campbell, an ex-husband of LaQuetta Gunther said that Gunther lived in a house in Bunnell with a man who was arrested for dealing drugs.

Out of Towner?

Iwana Patton, the third victim, was killed on February 24th, 2006. Stacey Gage was killed approximately (according to pathologists) December 11, 2007. That is nearly two years between the third and fourth victims. Could the killer have been a visitor to Daytona Beach?

Revenge Killing?

In 2006, Captain Brian Skipper of the Daytona Beach Police Department agreed to speculation that the killer may be targeting prostitutes to gain revenge, among reasons: possible because contraction of an STD from a prostitute.

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