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The following images and data are the results of an amateur geographic profiling project. The results were obtained from geographic profiling software that produces a priority map from input coordinates. The coordinates entered are approximate, and accuracy is not guaranteed. The coordinates entered were the deposit sites of the Daytona Beach Serial Killer. The approximate geographical locations of the deceased victims upon discovery were entered as coordinates. The locations of the actual attacks are unknown, as are the pick-up points. The relevancy of this data is subjective and is presented for informational purposes only.

This map shows the approximate locations of the deposit sites:

Daytona Beach

This is the output priority map generated by the software when entering the above coordinates:

Priority Map

This is a combination image showing the priority map overlayed on the street map:

Combination Image

The purpose of geographic profiling software is to assist in narrowing the scope of suspects to the most probable locations. Once again, this information is not guaranteed to be accurate, and remains subjective.

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